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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Not a bad thing

Not a bad thing. But, spare a thought for those alone or those that feel alone. Christmas can be such […]
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Instead of working against

Instead of working against them work with them. Have fun with the store. Help them design new branding for the […]
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We didn’t hit it off at

“We didn’t hit it off at first,” Miller said. “We met in 2008 and then saw each other again when […]
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Regulations are very clear

Regulations are very clear about this situation as it relates to a number of different levels of political interest, and […]
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Don’t be too excited Jets

Don’t be too excited Jets fans. Word from Jets minicamp is that personnel coaches feel more comfortable with Sanchez at […]
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An opposition party member

An opposition party member addresses the crowd outside the Parliament in Kiev on February 22, 2014. Ukraine parliament on February […]
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The Nice company catalogues

The Nice company catalogues are marvels of marketing in their design and writing, and the casting of the models. Over […]
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If you’re just not feeling

Anyway, the fall/winter gear is a great way to hide yourself too. If you’re just not feeling any clothing style […]
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There will be sports photos

There will be sports photos from The Star Ledger at the museum and a visit from David Robinson, Hall of […]
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The nature versus nurture

The nature versus nurture debate is ongoing where brilliance or excellence is present. There are many books on the subject. […]
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